dk soni

Our Story

Championing Social Causes:

DK Soni’s activism extends beyond legal frameworks. He actively engages in grassroots movements and public campaigns to address fundamental issues like infrastructure, education, and healthcare. His efforts reflect a holistic approach to social change, rooted in empathy and solidarity.

Advocacy for Tribals:

DK Soni has been a vocal advocate for tribal rights, amplifying their voices through legal channels and community organizing. His work embodies a deep respect for indigenous cultures and a commitment to upholding their dignity and autonomy.

Strengthening Justice System
DK Soni’s organization, Surguja Society for Fast Justice, aims to expedite legal proceedings and provide accessible justice to marginalized communities. He has championed the establishment of Gram Nyayalayas and advocated for reforms to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the justice system.
Serving Justice to all
Anti-Corruption Crusader
  • DK Soni has been a relentless voice against corruption, fearlessly challenging corrupt officials and politicians.
  • He has played a pivotal role in recovering over Rs 5 crore in corrupt practices, particularly within the MNREGA scheme.
  • His advocacy extends beyond financial corruption, addressing issues related to basic facilities like roads, schools, electricity, and water.
Legal Activism
  • Through his legal expertise, DK Soni has filed PILs and advocated for justice in various domains, including environmental protection and consumer rights.
  • Notably, he has filed PILs in the Supreme Court concerning forest conservation, coal exploration, and consumer justice, demonstrating his commitment to safeguarding tribal interests and ensuring accountability.
Consumer Rights Champion
  • As an advocate for consumer rights, DK Soni has campaigned for reforms in the Consumer Protection Act and Rules to eliminate political interference and expedite appointments.
  • He has relentlessly pursued reforms to ensure fair representation and timely justice for consumers, engaging with relevant authorities and institutions.